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I Am Not Alone was created to reach out to adults that may have been touch or abused sexually as a child. This is a place where you know that you are not alone. Tell a friend to tell a friend that we are here for them. 

What are the Long Term Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse?


The Consequences of child sexual abuse often follow victims into adulthood. Most people have no idea that the effects of child sexual abuse are so pervasive in adult life. Although survivors of child sexual abuse are negatively impacted as a whole, it is important to realize that many individual survivors do not suffer these consequences. Child sexual abuse does not necessarily sentence a victim to an impaired life.

Substance abuse problems are a common consequence for adult survivors of child sexual abuse

  • Female adult survivors of child sexual abuse are nearly three times more likely to report substance use problems.
  • Male adult CSA victims 2.6 times more likely to report substance use problems.
  • Abused or neglected individuals 1.5 times more likely to report lifetime illicit drug use.

Child sexual abuse is also associated with physical health problems in adulthood

It is theorized that this is a consequence of the substance abuse, mental health issues and other risks that survivors of child sexual abuse face.

  • Generally, adult victims of child sexual abuse have higher rates of health care utilization and report significantly more health complaints compared to adults without a CSA history. This is true for both self reported doctor’s visits and objective examination of medical records. These health problems represent a burden both to the survivor and the healthcare system.
  • Adult survivors of child sexual abuse are at greater risk of a wide range of conditions that are non-life threatening and are potentially psychosomatic in nature. These include fibromyalgia, severe premenstrual syndrome, chronic headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and a wide range of reproductive and sexual health complaints, including excessive bleeding, amenorrhea, pain during intercourse and menstrual irregularity.
  • Not only do survivors of child sexual abuse have more minor health conditions, they are at greater risk for more serious conditions as well. Adults with a history of child sexual abuse are 30% more likely than their non-abused peers to have a serious medical condition such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems, stroke or hypertension.
  • Male sexual abuse survivors have twice the HIV-infection rate of non-abused males. In a study of HIV-infected 12-20 year olds, 41 percent reported a sexual abuse histor

Mental health problems are a common long-term consequence of child sexual abuse

  • Adult women who were sexually abused as a child are more than twice as likely to suffer from depression as women who were not sexually abused.
  • Adults with a history of child sexual abuse are more than twice as likely to report a suicide attempt.
  • Girls who are sexually abused are 3 times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders than girls who are not sexually abused.
  • Among male survivors, more than 70% seek psychological treatment for issues such as substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide.


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 My 3 sister's and I were molested by our mother's brother, who is our uncle. Word up, my name is Phillip Hodge also known as hip hop artist and community philanthropist Thuggizzle. My uncle would sleep in the room with me and touch on me, and force me to touch on him. He would try and penetrate me but it would hurt bad, to where I would scream and he would stop so nobody would hear. One of my sisters eventually told a teacher at our school, and when child protective services stepped in, they never knew that I was a victim because I kept quite due to being embarrassed. My sister's were the only one's cps knew about. My mother's rights were eventually terminated, and we became wards of the state. We were moved around to different group homes and shelters all around Texas. Years later at the age of 26, I ran into my uncle at a funeral where I chased him out of anger and rage. I still to this day don't know how he out ran me, but he got away. I saw him a few years later at a grocery store and as he was about to take off running, I stopped him and told him that he didn't have to fear me anymore because, I forgave him. I needed to forgive him so that I could move on. The hardest thing for a man to do is to open up about sexual abuse but I'm hoping my story will change that. We have to open up and talk about the abuse so that we can be cured from the pain and set free. Today I am a 32 year old man who loves the ladies, and knows that what happened to me was not my fault, so I'm able to live and other victims should too! 


 I was molested at 5 by an older boy at my babysitter's house... all I remember is him putting his hand down my pants. Then when I was 11 my older brother forced me to give him oral a handful of times or more. He told me if I told our parents that he'd kill me. The 1st ppl I told were my lil brother and cousin. To my surprise my cousin said "ew disgusting". This was followed by him spreading it like wildfire... The biggest mistake I made though was not telling my parents until last year when I turned 28. I've gotten taunted by it for years and some of the closest ppl to me have shoved it in my face. Even the mother of my daughter has instead of coming clean about being unfaithful... Keep the faith y'all and God bless you and yours. I'm highly grateful to be part of this group. #IAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


 My name is Yvonne Hodge and I would like to tell my story how I was molested at age 6 until I was 9yrs old, by my uncle, my mother's brother.
I've never talked about it, but I do remember the first time it happened, a family member saw my uncle touching me and told my mother about it. My mother came to me one night, to talk to me about what happened. Being that it was my mother, I felt comfortable talking to her so I told her everything, and this was the very first time it happened. Til this very day, my mother has done nothing about it. The abuse with my uncle continued for 3 years, and No I never told my mother again because, other things came up that happened, and she did nothing, and my uncle always lived with us. My siblings and I, were later taken by child protective services, and raised in foster care. I've forgiven my uncle, I'm just having a hard time forgiving my own mother for not doing anything about it. I'm a mother and there's no way my child can come tell me something like that, and I sit back and do nothing, I'm having a very hard time forgiving my mother but I want everyone to know that I Am Not Alone" and you aren't either. #IAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares


 At the age of six years old It was the year 1978 that's when all hell broke loose. I was living with my grandmother and she was married to this alcoholic he took a quick liking to me he begin to groom by faking that he was going to spank me he would tell me he's going to hit the bed with his belt and for me to act like I was crying so I thought that was so cool he was a sneaky old man he would let me drink beer and drink coffee. I thought finally I had a granddaddy He would take me with him to the bootleg/ gambling house and I was able to play dice and other card games. I would be sitting on his lap laughing and the whole time I didn't realize he was fondling me around his friends with his hands up shirt or he would be rubbing my vagina through my shorts or pants he would joke and say to me lift your shirt up and show my boys that you are a little lady and you had little titties already. I did what he asked of me so one evening on Halloween night I went down to the basement to look for my mother because we were going to make carmel apples and give out candy to the trick or treaters. For some reason it felt different being around him that's when he grabbed me and told me to give him a hug and kiss he made me sit on his lap forced me to grind on his crotch throw me on my back on the couch he laid his huge funky body on top of mine smelling like a brewery I was in shock. I didn't know what was happening to me he told me he was going to teach me how to be a lady and for me to relax because I would like it. Next thing I knew I felt a sharp pain entering my vagina I felt like I was being split in half I was crying and begging him to stop because it was hurting me so bad. I was beating him on his shoulders but his body was suffocating my face I believe I blacked out. I remember seeing a black gun on the table so after when he was done he told me I better not say anything or he will kill my mother and this continued on for another 3 years. I finally was able to forgive in the last three years and I was able to shared my life story in my book "Unbroken I Am Still Standing" I realize my past does not define my future and that I Am Not Alone" and neither are you. I am much stronger and much braver to be on path to bring awareness to child molestation. "We Our All Part Of The Same Puzzle Just In Different Pieces"#IAmNotAlone  #ThuggizzleCares 


  I survived and coped through my personal journey of abuse, molestation, bullying and discrimination, love, domestic abuse, empowerment and the power of faith.The books I’ve written are beyond me. They’re about something much greater than myself. They’re about a movement. They speak about real life situations and I'm just the voice behind the books. I'm the person that went through it all to come out on the other side and tell you brighter days are coming. I'm still here. I will be the voice...I will speak for all of us...We will be heard. Im trying to deliver a strong, positive, motivating message Push through- Pull through and always have faith. We all can overcome any and all adversaries and obstacles placed in front of us with a little determination and faith. I pray that I can reach just one person on my journey. An abuser, a rapist, a bully or a parent that can't digest or fathom, the thought of their child or someone being gay or different. I hope it reaches siblings, to teach them to be support systems for each other; and most of all, a child, teen, young adult or adult that has been in the storm or feels like there entering one, we all have to go through life's lessons but it what we take from them, what we learn that helps us see the light to a brighter tomorrow. We want to encourage children to TELL and parents to LISTEN, because if it happened to me, it may have happened to you or someone you know. Don't allow this vicious cycle to continue. Speak up, for the movement cannot begin without us. I Am Not Alone" and you aren't either. #IAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


 As a teenager growing up, I was suppose to be protected by my parents but one day I decided to stay home from Junior High School, I was rebellious and such and my step dad was home also and got me high smoking marijuana and then I became sick so I then went and laid down and my step dad came in the room and started feeling on my breast and I he told me not to tell my mother or anyone. I told him to stop and he tried to kiss me, I then repeatedly told him to leave me alone and he left the bedroom. I fell asleep and I woke up not feeling like myself again, I eventually told my mother what he did but she too violated me by not doing anything about what he had done to me. Some years later she had enough of him and kicked him out with the help of my oldest brother and she then apologized to me months before she passed away. I started my family very young at the age of 16 pregnant at 15 I married my step dads buyer and he was 9 years older than me and was very abusive during all three of my pregnancies and I ended up having a miscarriage after my first son and then having two more boy's afterward My husband was very abusive and took sex from me after telling him no. He would still take it, I eventually took the advice from the step dad to leave my husband, his buyer friend. I have since remarried to my second husband with no children and living life the way it should be here in Texas. I speak for all victims when I say that I Am Not Alone" and you aren't either! #IAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


 Ok crew here we go. I was born from a rape victim. My sperm donor as I call him raped me when I was 4. My mom later divorced the man who raped her and I and wound up dating a child molester. He not only raped me but let others pay to rape me. Just two years ago not even my so called best friend set me up to be raped by her drug dealer boyfriend. During the trial I ran to avoid death and went to Utah where I was made to stay with a 53 year old who raped me and broke my wrist. Thankfully my sister got me out of there after a month and a half and I am working through my trauma and getting physical therapy for my wrist. I Am Not Alone" and you aren't either! #IAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


 My name is Shavon Ramos, I was raped at the age of 5 by my foster father, I endured years of sexual and physical abuse. As an adult, I was stuck in a cycle of abusive relationships and had an addiction to alcohol. I was sex tracked by an ex-boyfriend and suicidal. By the grace of God, I got away from that dangerous life and have been restored. I love myself today. I am greatful to have survived such tragedy, I am strong, I am not alone. 

#IAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares


 “I don’t look like what I’ve been through.” I have true story to tell. If I could take you back 21 years ago, I was an 8 yr old innocent little girl. I ended up missing something though. For 9 years during that time. I missed my childhood. From the time I was 8 years old until I turned 17 yrs of age, I was molested by a man who was supposed to be a role model, a protector, a father figure; my ex-stepfather. Many people do not know what I’ve been through as a child.  I’m here to speak on it as many times as I can. It used to be hard to tell my story. I am no longer ashamed, or afraid to talk about it. Because of this, I’ve become a strong woman, a great mother, & protector of my own. In 2006, He was arrested and was given only 25 years. I don’t get back those 9 years that he took from me. He came up for parole 2 months ago & was DENIED! This will be his 11th year locked away. I pray that he never gets out. I’m not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m not asking for sympathy. Just know that there are monsters here walking this very ground your children walk! Keep your eyes open! Children do not feel they have a voice sometimes so that’s where the fear comes into play. I’m am just happy & blessed that I was strong enough to not let this affect me long term. I’ve been through hell & back even through years after this! Broken marriage, to losing it ALL! But...... I’m still here! Standing tall! I don’t have anyone to thank but the lord himself!!!  #iAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


 I am Ade, I am a 48 year old professional firefighter by trade. I was 9 when the 17 year old male neighbor groomed & abused me during the school holidays. It changed my life forever.   After 35 years of hell, I broke my silence. I got into counselling & disclosed to the Police. The counselling has got me into recovery & I am working to be the best I can & make up for lost time. I am flawed but I am still here and life is pretty good thanks to the help I have had. I waived my anonimity & spoke to the press because I guessed there might be other boys & men trapped in silence in my local area. I was contacted within days by 2 other men affected by historical abuse. I now volunteer for a charity in my locality & help facilitate a men's support group.  For those out there who have not yet sought help, I Am Not Alone" and neither are you, you are one of many & we want you to get the help & support you truly deserve. #iAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


I am Ben. I am 50 years old. It was March 10, 1984 when I was molested by a piece of trash Baptist Preacher by the name of George O. A. LOWE in Brooke Va in his office at the Mt Hope Baptist Church. This date is forever burned inside me because my bestfriend was killed 3 days later. This dirtbag had me believe I would be sent away. This dirtbag had stole from me something I can never get back. After I came of age I reported him to church members. Nothing was done for 24 years. But justice prevailed. He went to prison and is not hurting anyone anymore. I went thru years of personal hell. Drug addiction prison failed marriage. I now look in the mirror and see a man who will never give up. I Am Not Alone" and neither are you. Don't give up. Don't let people tell you how you're supposed to feel. If you are anyone you know out there can relate and would like to share your story please inbox us! #iAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


 Hi my name is Sabrina and I'm 47 years old. I was raped when I was 2 years old until I was 12. I was put in a foster home where I was beaten and raped by my own family members. When I got older and was able to talk about it and I told a person near and dear to me but he used it against me and started beating me and raping me as well. I finally got to the point where I was fed up and left. I'm lucky to be alive to tell my story and would like to tell everyone out there going through this that I Am Not Alone and neither are you! #iAmNotAlone #ThuggizzleCares 


Hello my name is Margarita. I was raped from the age of 4 until I was 13. I thought I would be safe with my new step father but I was wrong. I lived Through some horrible things and I was made to do and watch awful stuff. If I didn’t obey I would be beaten with a belt and my mother was told I didn’t behave. I was threaten not to say a word or I would be sorry. As an adult I have nightmares and suffer from ptsd and anxiety. I want everyone to know that I Am Not Alone and neither are you! #iamnotalone #thuggizzlecares 

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