Thuggizzle Cares Inc

About Thuggizzle Cares

The Mission:

Our Mission is to do things from the heart, to let God use us to help others. The goal is to bring awareness to the community about different causes that are an affect to those in it.  

Who is Thuggizzle?

Phillip Hodge was born with the ability to compose spontaneous poetry. The  lyricist has developed a career in music as the rapper Thuggizzle. Despite the wealth of talent Hodge was born with, the home life of his childhood was one of instability and neglect. His mother sold drugs, and he and his three sisters grew up in and out of foster care. They were made wards of the state at a young age. He said his acting out led to him being placed on a number of medications. After repeatedly getting in trouble, a staff member at the Baptist Children's Home where he was staying sat Hodge down and set his head on straight. That conversation planted a seed in Hodge’s head about channeling his stress and trauma into music.  

 How it all started:

Thuggizzle Cares Inc. was founded by Phillip and represents many  causes. After watching an aunt fight breast cancer, Hodge started the organization Thuggizzle Cares  to provide support to those going through breast cancer treatment. He said every day he is out selling music, he donates a portion of profits to Thuggizzle Cares. “This is coming from the heart,” he said. “I let God decide who we go out there to help. At the end of the day, I'm no different than the next man, except I have God in my life.” Hodge also founded Reunited by Faith , which helps parents whose children have been removed from their custody get the services they need to work toward reunification with their children. 

Thuggizzle Cares Causes

Thuggizzle Cares has multiple causes

 Please take some time to read over the different causes below for more information. Each cause holds its own page full of information, resources, and stories or news. 

Thuggizzle Cares

Thuggizzle Cares breast cancer awareness information

Breast cancer awareness information and stories

No Different Than You

No Different Than You Autism Awareness -Thuggizzle Cares

Support group for autism awareness 

Thuggizzle Make The Grade

Thuggizzle Cares recognizes students for making good grades

Recognizing student's for their hard work

Too Young & Not Ready

Too young & not ready pregnancy prevention - Thuggizzle Cares

Under age pregnancy prevention

Get Tested

Get Tested is  HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness - Thuggizzle Cares

Promoting people to know their status and get tested

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty is encouragement for women to embrace their natural beauty - Thuggizzle Cares

Encouragement for women to embrace their Natural beauty

Stand Up Against Bullies

Taking a stand against bullies - Thuggizzle Cares

 It's Time To Take Stand Against Bullies 

I am Not Alone

I am not alone support group for sexual abuse victims - Thuggizzle Cares

Support group for sexual abuse victims

Against Human Trafficking

In the fight against human trafficking - Thuggizzle Cares

Thuggizzle Cares is in the fight against human trafficking

Keep You Hand Off Me

support for families of domestic violence - Thuggizzle Cares

Support group for those who have been through domestic violence

Save Our Children

Save our children - Thuggizzle cares

Support for youth or adults who have been in the CPS system (Child Protective Services) 

Reunited By Faith

reunited by faith - Thuggizzle Cares

Helping parents who have had their kids taken by (CPS) Child Protective Services 

Help Find Me

helping find missing loved ones

Assistance with finding loved ones who have gone missing

Providing Happy Holidays

Providing Happy Holidays from Thuggizzle

Providing happy holidays for families

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Thuggizzle Cares Ovarian cancer awareness

 Ovarian cancer awareness information

For Our Veterans


We do what we can to help assist veterans. Encourage others to recognize those who have served our country. 

Caged But Still Human & Over stepping The Bars


Caged But Still Human & Over Stepping The Bars

Additional Information

Stay tuned for updates to our Thuggizzle Cares blog where we will post additional information about each of the causes we represent.   

If you feel lead to help out Thuggizzle Cares, you can make a online Donation through network for good.